Toward the end of 2013, it was obvious that video content would become a crucial element for digital marketing campaigns in 2014. Several studies and articles, including this video infographic from Getty Images’ iStock service, shared statistics that revealed just how quickly video consumption has grown over the past years:

Online video consumption has grown by 800% over the past six years, with billions of videos being shared and watched every year. These numbers will continue to rise in 2014, and businesses will need to keep up. Let me share a few of the online video trends we can expect to see this year.

Mobile as the Primary Channel for Online Video

The number of mobile device users will continue to grow in 2014, and many of them will continue using their devices to watch and share videos while on the go. 2013 statistics show that mobile is a highly effective channel for video content, especially in terms of engagement and click-through rates. In Q3 2013, Unruly Media published a study that shows a significant difference between CTRs for mobile and desktop videos. The average CTR for mobile video is 13.64%, with desktop video trailing behind with 5.45%.

The Rise of Short-Form Videos

Short-form video creation and sharing platforms are relatively new, but they show great promise for brands in 2014. Vine and Instagram Video are two of the biggest platforms, with about 200 million users between them despite being less than a year old. Shorter videos created through these platforms have made branded content such as product teasers and similar promotional videos more appealing to today’s audience.

“Agile” Video Marketing as the Norm

Adopting “agile” approach has always been good for content marketing, as it involves creating relevant content based on the latest trends, news, and customer feedback. With the availability of apps and other tools that allow you to create quality videos on the fly, this approach will become more common and more effective for online video in 2014.

Better Video Sharing and Discovery on Social Networks

Social networks are the primary venues for video sharing, and they have been developing ways to make video content and ads easier to discover and share. The companies behind the most popular social networks seem to have noticed this trend, with Facebook taking the lead and testing new video ad features last month.

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