In a post on Google+ on March 13, AdWords product manager Jon Dorio announced that more frequent updates are coming for certain AdWords data.

Fresher Data, Improved Strategies

Specifically, you will now be able to see more frequent updates to search terms, geographic performance, and automatic placement states, as these will now be updated every six hours.

Most data sets—like clicks, conversions, and impressions—are available within three hours, but other sets are only updated once a day.

Back then, we needed to wait some time to see the results of automatic placement stats, geographic performance, and search terms. Now, we can get access to these data sets in as little as six hours following a campaign launch, with updates available within six hours thereafter.

This update is certainly an improvement, but certain data sets—such as impression share, top movers, and auction insights—will still only be updated once a day. Understanding these and other AdWords features will definitely be a great help with your pay-per-click efforts.

Check the Data Freshness page in the AdWords help center for a breakdown of how certain data sets and reports are updated, as well as for more details. Keep checking back here for more updates.