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Optimize Your Content On LinkedIn Today Official Blog

LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking site. It is known to be used for professional networking. This social site has reached its goal of being a reputable social site for business-minded people. In line with this, they launched a new social news site called LinkedIn Today. This is a good thing for companies that […]

LinkedIn Grows Larger with 2 New Members Every Second Official Blog

Use LinkedIn as your way of connecting with other likeminded businessmen in your industry especially in your area. It’ll be easier for you to connect to other businessmen of your industry and vice versa.

Facebook Dishes Out Tips for Businesses Official Blog

Facebook for Businesses is a new feature on Facebook that focuses on ads, sponsored stories, pages, and the main platform. For a new business, setting up a new business page may be daunting. Thanks to these few tips given by Facebook, companies should be able to create a page beneficial to any business.

7 Ways Twitter Could Be Dominating Local Official Blog

Dominating “local” remains one of the biggest marketing opportunities on the internet today. There is one social sharing tool that can conquer local, Twitter. Although these ways have not been fully realized by Twitter, here are 7 suggestions how it could win the local scene.

4 Uses of the Hashtag on Twitter for SEO Resellers Official Blog

Twitter is a social media platform often included in online marketing campaigns of SEO resellers. This is a platform that acts as the world’s chat room, allowing anyone with a Twitter account to join in on a discussion or a conversation.

Drive Traffic to Your Website through Social Media Official Blog

In a recent study released by BrightEdge, an SEO enterprise firm, it showed the integration of social media plugins and links on homepage. The stats showed that Facebook was in the lead with about half of their 10,000 sample websites having a Facebook link on their homepage, while 40% had their Twitter account.

Social Sharing War: Google Faces Facebook with Google+ Official Blog

There can only be one entity as the center of the internet, and two of the most actively playing participants are constantly rolling out new features against each other.

Facebook and Google have been on a constant war since forever, and now, things are starting to get heated up. This is something SEO resellers and other […]