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We're very excited to announce the launching of our new social media packages. With the rise of social media as a valuable marketing tool, we've come up with solutions that utilize sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for extending your clients' market reach. Our packages are complete, scalable, and available in wholesale prices.

Work As A Team Official Blog

One of the known SEO tactics today is integrating SEO in the social media process. Most companies nowadays use only social media marketing (without any seo tactic) as a tool to become visible—and guess what? It works. For example, if you incorporate some SEO strategies in tweeting, you’ll most probably increase your rankings in search […]

Content Relevance Through Social Media

Whatever your business is, whether it be an seo reseller or not, you only have one goal: to gain visibility to your audience. Raising to the top isn’t quite the easiest thing to do, but here’s one of the ways to make the work at least a little—lighter: use social media.

For those companies who use […]

Social Marketing Campaign: 6 Things To Keep In Mind Official Blog

Now that social networking now exists, it made businesses whether big or small reach out to their clients, and yes even their potential clients. Even with the existence of social media, if you don’t know which ones to use, you may not reach your goals. This is where seo reseller companies comes in—they help you […]

Google Remains King Official Blog

PageLever has conducted a study about who drives more external traffic to Facebook Pages. PageLever is the analytics tool for Facebook. This tool has also proven that yes—Google remains king. This search engine got a total of 27% of referral traffic for the pages of Facebook. For companies that offer seo reseller, this study will […]

Optimize Your Content On LinkedIn Today Official Blog

LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking site. It is known to be used for professional networking. This social site has reached its goal of being a reputable social site for business-minded people. In line with this, they launched a new social news site called LinkedIn Today. This is a good thing for companies that […]

LinkedIn Grows Larger with 2 New Members Every Second Official Blog

Use LinkedIn as your way of connecting with other likeminded businessmen in your industry especially in your area. It’ll be easier for you to connect to other businessmen of your industry and vice versa.

Facebook Dishes Out Tips for Businesses Official Blog

Facebook for Businesses is a new feature on Facebook that focuses on ads, sponsored stories, pages, and the main platform. For a new business, setting up a new business page may be daunting. Thanks to these few tips given by Facebook, companies should be able to create a page beneficial to any business.

7 Ways Twitter Could Be Dominating Local Official Blog

Dominating “local” remains one of the biggest marketing opportunities on the internet today. There is one social sharing tool that can conquer local, Twitter. Although these ways have not been fully realized by Twitter, here are 7 suggestions how it could win the local scene.

Drive Traffic to Your Website through Social Media Official Blog

In a recent study released by BrightEdge, an SEO enterprise firm, it showed the integration of social media plugins and links on homepage. The stats showed that Facebook was in the lead with about half of their 10,000 sample websites having a Facebook link on their homepage, while 40% had their Twitter account.