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Social Media Marketing for SMBs in 2016: The Numbers

Social Media Marketing for SMBs 2016 Featured Image

Social Media has been growing at a tremendous rate. It has allowed allowing consumers to directly engage with the brands they love, changing the way SMB’s will be doing business for the foreseeable future.[...]

White Label Facebook Paid Advertising

White Label Facebook Paid Advertising

Whether your clients are looking to reach new audiences, expand their current social network, stimulate business page engagement with more post likes, comments, and shares, generate recurring traffic to their websites, gain awareness or retain local customers or target a certain demographic within a location, our new white label Facebook Paid Ads, one of  SEOReseller’s […]

Why You Need To Create Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Why You Need To Create Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook has an estimated 1.49 billion active monthly users – an impressive number, considering it launched only in 2004. Eleven years later, it is available to people all over the world and the number of active users continues to grow. It is because of this very reason that advertisers are taking every opportunity to promote […]

Measuring and Improving Earnings from Social Media

Measuring And Improving Earnings From Social Media

Facebook has 936 million daily active users. The impressive number wows even companies wanting to improve brand awareness, and they concentrate on updating their Facebook Pages to drive traffic to their websites. Among the companies earning from Facebook’s wide reach is Coca-Cola with over 91 million fans. Second is McDonald’s with close to 58 million. […]

Improving Your Business’ Social Skills

Business’ Social Skills

The emergence of social media has changed the digital landscape in many ways. In the early days of the Internet, only those with websites could spread their ideas to users. Fast forward to the present and it is clear how networks like Facebook and Twitter have put the broadcasting of thoughts at a level field.

Leaders, […]

Instagram to Roll Out New Suite of Business Tools for Brands Official Blog

Instagram is one of those rare gems that quickly evolved from a trendy iOS-only app to a legitimate social network that has garnered a massive following. This image- and video-sharing platform isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and with the support and resources of Facebook behind it now, its growth will only see better […]

G+’s felt the Need to Subtract: Google+ Removes its Direct Connect Feature Official Blog

Tech experts and online media gurus once dubbed Google+ as the “walking dead” of all social media platforms. Some fondly referred to it as an online ghost town. Admit it; sign in to your Google+ account. You have one, right? Chances are, that you barely even use it.
Google+ had the potential to become such a […]

2014 World Cup Boosts Social Media Marketing Official Blog

Even on social media, the 2014 FIFA World Cup crowd makes noise.
It seems that every team supporter is hooked with the 2014 World Cup, even bringing the banners and the game into social media platforms. In fact, the opening match between Croatia and Brazil generated 12.2 million related tweets based on Twitter Data. Other matchups […]

Is Pinterest Becoming More Like a Search Engine? Official Blog

Pinterest recently revealed that it would be rolling out an easier way for users to narrow down their search, as it launches a “Guided Search” feature on—just like what they did for its mobile app version last month. The new feature pulls up related keywords or terms at the top of the screen after […]

Facebook Answers Questions on the Pages’ Decreasing Reach Official Blog

Business owners have been complaining for the past months about the plummeting organic reach of their business pages on Facebook. What’s worse is that it will continue to drop.

Brian Boland, Vice President of the social network’s Ads Product Marketing team, finally answered the questions many marketers have been asking about organic reach, helping them understand […]