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Microsoft Looks Into Encrypted Search on Bing Official Blog

Google’s move towards encrypted search last September has left the online world reeling and searching for alternative sources of keyword information. It looks like online marketers are about to lose more keyword data from yet another source.

A recently published report claims that Microsoft is looking into encrypted traffic and search on Bing. This follows the […]

Does PageRank Still Have Value Today? Official Blog

PageRank used to be one of the factors you monitored regularly to determine how your campaigns are working. It was once a reliable source of information, as it was updated regularly and it reflected the quality of your links and your overall site health. Over the years this has changed, and now we hardly ever […]

5 Paid Search Conversion Events You Should Not Ignore Official Blog

Choosing the right elements to track in your campaign gives you a clearer picture of your target audience’s behavior. I’ve discussed the events you should track for organic SEO in the past. Today, I want to go over some of the conversion events for paid search you may ignore now, but you need to start […]

Selling SEO: How to Go from Good to Great

As your partner, we’re here to help take your business to the next level. Today, I want to share some tips on how to go from being good to great at selling SEO. Use these tips as your guideline when scaling your SEO business.
Diversity is the Key
Present-day consumers want to save time and money by […]

What is Considered an Average Conversion Rate for PPC?

Measuring the success of your PPC campaign accurately depends on what types of conversion you value and what benchmarks you set for each. Today, I want to answer what you can consider an average conversion rate, and what you can do to boost your PPC conversions in the future.
There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Perfect’ […]

Can Stolen Content Lead to Panda? Official Blog

As SEO professionals, you know that having duplicate content hurts your rankings on the SERPs. Unfortunately, content scraping – more commonly known as stolen content – is a prevalent problem in the online world. Today, I want to answer one of the most frequent questions we get from our partners – can stolen content lead […]

The Life Cycle of SEO: What You Should Be Doing Now

It’s important to keep up with the changes in the SEO industry in order to prolong the life span of your campaigns. The current life cycle of SEO reflects Google’s algorithm changes. In today’s blog, I want to discuss this life cycle – what you should be doing, and why it’s important for you to […]

How to Increase Your Website Indexing Rate

Getting your content discovered by search engines takes time – there’s no rushing the process. Your website pages may not even appear on the SERPs at all without a proper strategy. There are ways you can assist search engines (especially Google) to make indexing your content easier. This is what I want to discuss in […]

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools Like an SEO Pro Official Blog

Learning how to use Google Webmaster Tools allows you to audit and optimize sites easily. Google’s interface may be very basic, but it offers complete data free and allows you to choose the data you will include in your custom site audit reports. In today’s blog, I want to teach you how to use these […]

Google Quietly Updates Keyword Stuffing Guideline After Latest Penguin 3

*** Read what’s new on the Penguin Algorithm as of 11/26/2015 here.

Welcome to the “SEO chasing Google” algorithm game. After 4 algorithm updates in less than 2 weeks, the incumbent, Google, has left the SEO industry puzzled. In contrast to the first few panda/penguin updates where Google provided detailed information for each change, these new updates […]