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The Agency Blueprint to Selling PPC

Agency Blueprint Selling PPC Featured Image

Selling PPC services requires the same amount of preparation as with any other digital marketing services you’re pitching to prospects. One needs to be extra critical given the fact that PPC involves your clients budget. In this blog, learn how to sell PPC services effectively and close more clients.

As Joshua mentioned last week when he […]

Bing Continues Rollouts with Demographic Targeting Systems

Demographic Targeting System

Bing Ads continues its streak of innovations with more tools allowing webmasters to see who their campaigns are reaching and target them more effectively. The Improved Demographic Targeting and Reach Visualization systems leverage more demographic data from the user’s search and display to increase overall coverage.
Bing Targets Demographics Better
Bing representatives say that The Improved Demographic […]

Bing Changes to Ads and Maps; Yahoo Tests Google

Bing Changes To Ads And Maps; Yahoo Tests Google

Bing Ads introduces two new tools to its overhauled homepage dashboard at the account level. The new dashboard, in addition to other upgraded features, provides a quick glance review of the campaigns and their performance. The new features include filters known as customized modules and time period comparisons.
New Dashboard Features

Photo Courtesy of: Bing Ads
Customized Modules […]

4-Point Strategy for PPC Restructuring

PPC Restructuring Strategy

PPC restructuring comes in two ways: starting all over with a new structure or working with what you have. Choosing between the two approaches will depend on your campaign goals and the current position of the account you’re handling.
When do you need to restructure?

If your client’s website goals have changed
If the account has […]

Amazon Takes Aim at Google AdWords with New Sponsored Links

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The key to delivering relevant online ads is data: target demographics, psychographics, traffic monitoring and trends, personal data, and more. Google has data about what we search for, Facebook has information on what we like and share, and YouTube has facts and figures on what we like to watch. Amazon, however, may have the best […]

Bing Product Ads Now Available to US Advertisers

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After months of being in beta testing mode, Bing has finally made Product Ads available to all U.S. advertisers. This announcement came just a few days after Bing announced that Product Ads for Mobile in Beta.

Bing’s product ads will display rich images, product prices and descriptions across Yahoo! and Bing. The good news is you […]

Preparing Your PPC Campaigns for 2014

I’ve done a two-part series on preparing your SEO campaigns in 2014, now I want to talk about the paid counterpart: PPC advertising. Many businesses are making the switch from organic search to PPC in line with the growing unavailability of organic search referral data, and if you play your cards right, your PPC campaigns […]

Report: Ad Spend for Internet Increased Over 26% in the First Quarter of 2013

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Neilsen’s latest quarterly Global AdView Pulse Report showed minimal surprises from the last one they released. The ad spend for Display Internet advertising continued its upward trend, growing 26.3% in the first three months of the present year.
Internet has Highest Ad Spend Increase
Display ads on the Internet may hold only 4.4% of the total media […]

How Our PPC Reseller Program can Boost Your Revenue

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Expanding your business and maximizing your revenue is easy when you have knowledge and resources to back you up. Our pay per click program is one of the solutions you can use to add another profit stream to your business and boost your revenue. Today, I want to discuss different ways our PPC reseller program […]

Introducing SEOReseller.com’s White Label Client Dashboard

We’re constantly working to improve and streamline our online marketing solutions. I’m very happy to share the launch of our newest offering, the white label client dashboard. Our new platform lets your clients check their SEO performance, request and receive proposals and reports with just a few click.