News and Tips regarding Pay-Per-Click. Includes updates on Bing

The Agency Blueprint to Selling PPC

Agency Blueprint Selling PPC Featured Image

As Joshua mentioned last week when he announced the updates we made to our PPC Packages, there have been major changes to AdWords this year (and even more coming soon!). All of these changes affect any agency offering PPC services—not just in terms of mastering the new features, but also in how they sell their […]

Your PPC Solutions Just Got Better

SEOReseller Pay Per Click

The right ad, to the right person, at the right time. When done right, Pay-Per-Click allows you to drive highly-qualified leads to your clients [...]

Making PPC Work to Your Client’s Advantage

Making PPC Work To Your Client’s Advantage -

Powerhouse Agencies have an entire toolbox of digital marketing services at their disposal that they can offer to small businesses. Determining which ones to include in a proposed solution to a client requires knowing each tool’s strengths, the situations that call for its use, and how to use it for maximum benefit.

But with PPC it’s […]

Bing Continues Rollouts with Demographic Targeting Systems

Demographic Targeting System

Bing Ads continues its streak of innovations with more tools allowing webmasters to see who their campaigns are reaching and target them more effectively. The Improved Demographic Targeting and Reach Visualization systems leverage more demographic data from the user’s search and display to increase overall coverage.
Bing Targets Demographics Better
Bing representatives say that The Improved Demographic […]

Bing Changes to Ads and Maps; Yahoo Tests Google

Bing Changes To Ads And Maps; Yahoo Tests Google

Bing Ads introduces two new tools to its overhauled homepage dashboard at the account level. The new dashboard, in addition to other upgraded features, provides a quick glance review of the campaigns and their performance. The new features include filters known as customized modules and time period comparisons.
New Dashboard Features

Photo Courtesy of: Bing Ads
Customized Modules […]

Adwords Reduces Accidental Clicks; Cutts Extends Leave Once More

Adwords Reduces Accidental Clicks

Google Adwords is implementing new measures to help reduce the number of accidental clicks on mobile ads due to “Fat Finger Syndrome.” These measures are expected to provide advertisers with a more accurate picture of their PPC campaigns.

According to Adwords, recent third party studies estimate as much as fifty percent of touchscreen clicks are accidental. […]

How Dynamic Structured Snippets are Changing the Way AdWords Work

Dynamic Structured Snippets

Last March 6, Google introduced the Dynamic Structured Snippets as an AdWords extension. This new feature provides automated displays of industry-specific, structured information about products and services.

As Google explained, this extension serves to fuel user experience and provide customers a clear idea of what to expect before clicking on an ad. It has been more […]

4-Point Strategy for PPC Restructuring

PPC Restructuring Strategy

PPC restructuring comes in two ways: starting all over with a new structure or working with what you have. Choosing between the two approaches will depend on your campaign goals and the current position of the account you’re handling.
When do you need to restructure?

If your client’s website goals have changed
If the account has […]

3 AdWords Features that Optimize Your Keyword Bids Official Blog

Google AdWords is definitely one of the most useful tools for every SEO campaign. I’m going to talk about this tool’s advanced features that optimize your keyword bidding strategy. With proper use, you can breathe new life into campaigns that need help with pay-per-click efforts.
Auction Insights
The Auction Insights feature is the key to finding out […]

Amazon Takes Aim at Google AdWords with New Sponsored Links Official Blog

The key to delivering relevant online ads is data: target demographics, psychographics, traffic monitoring and trends, personal data, and more. Google has data about what we search for, Facebook has information on what we like and share, and YouTube has facts and figures on what we like to watch. Amazon, however, may have the best […]