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Another Security Threat Endangers Users’ Information Online Official Blog

The online world has barely recovered from OpenSSL’s Heartbleed bug, and now there’s another vulnerability that’s putting users’ information in danger. Microsoft announced over the weekend the discovery of a previously undetected vulnerability in Internet Explorer versions 6-11.
About the New Zero-Day Exploit
The new zero-day exploit in IE, as mentioned earlier, is present in versions 6 […]

Protecting Your Ecommerce Clients from Heartbleed Official Blog

The Heartbleed bug has been sending netizens panicking for several days now, wondering if their personal information has been compromised during one of their many activities online. You will have noticed your email brimming with status updates from websites you are subscribed to, informing you of either of these things:

That they are using OpenSSL, […]

Stay on Top of Google SERPs with Our New Maintenance Package Official Blog

Reaching the top of the SERPs is not the end of your online marketing goals. You need to stay on top to maintain the consistent flow of traffic, new leads, and conversions; to hold your market share; and to ensure continued brand visibility online. Now there’s a way for you to maintain your high SERPs […]

Track Competitors Rankings NOW Using Official Blog

I’m excited to announce that we’re rolling out a new tool in our dashboard that lets you track up to three competitors per campaign. Let me walk you through our new competitor tracking feature.
Add Up to Three Competitors
When you go to the Rankings tab of your dashboard, you’ll see the dashboard page with new tabs […]

Increase Retention in One Click with Our New Tool Official Blog

As your partner, we’re always looking for ways to help keep your clients happy and increase your customer retention. I’m very excited to announce that we’re releasing a new time-saving tool that does just that. We built this tool to help you get more data to your clients fast and keep them coming back for […]’s New Reseller Dashboard The Next Generation Official Blog

We’re proud to introduce the next generation of’s reseller dashboard. We’ve added more features, more information, and the world’s first on-page optimization reporting system built into an SEO dashboard. If you’re managing search or paid projects, this tool is for you.

Let me walk you through the exciting features of our new dashboard:
Designed for Easy […]

New Feature: Introducing Our Link Notification Service Official Blog

We’re always working to improve our solutions for all our partners, and today I’m very excited to share with you a new service that we’re launching on our dashboard. We’re introducing Link Notifications, a service that notifies each of our agency partners whenever a new link is acquired on your campaign. This new feature shows […]

Online Marketing Statistics that Can Help Improve Your Business Official Blog

Knowing the state of online marketing is important in helping you keep your methodology updated. We have interesting online marketing statistics from the previous week that can help you look at your own business and analyze where you can improve and boost your SEO strategy.
Only 20% of businesses factor in their objectives during data collection.
Helping […]

Google Adds Real-Time Conversion Tracking to Analytics Official Blog

Google has released a new Analytics update that will be very useful for tracking your campaigns accurately. Google Analytics now features real-time goal conversion tracking. This new feature will allow you to see short-term conversion trends and drill down on converting pages as your various goals are hit. It’s a great addition to the current […]

How to Design Emails to Reach the Inbox Official Blog

Sending out email newsletters is one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience. Email correspondence brings you one primary challenge though: ensuring that your message reaches your target audience’s inbox. I want to share some practices that will help ensure your emails will reach their intended recipients, and not the dreaded spam folder.
Relevant […]