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G+’s felt the Need to Subtract: Google+ Removes its Direct Connect Feature Official Blog

Tech experts and online media gurus once dubbed Google+ as the “walking dead” of all social media platforms. Some fondly referred to it as an online ghost town. Admit it; sign in to your Google+ account. You have one, right? Chances are, that you barely even use it.
Google+ had the potential to become such a […]

Do “Google+ Shares” Influence Rankings? Official Blog

Much emphasis has been put on optimizing Google+ profiles. Completing your Google+ personal (for personal branding) or business (for companies) information, implementing consistent design and branding in your Google+ profile, and increasing engagement through +1s and shares are considered best practices for improving SERPs visibility and rankings. However, a recent study proves that contrary to […]

Study: Google+ Presence Increasing in the SERPs Official Blog

I’ve talked about the importance of Google+ presence and authorship in my past blogs. What I’m about to discuss today shows the continued importance and effectiveness of Google+ in increasing your trust signals and putting you on the SERPs. A recent study released by SEO tools provider Conductor shows that Google+ presence has increased considerably […]

A Multi-Admin Brand Page Official Blog

Today, it’s easier for companies to reach out to their audience with the use of new media. As long as you’re visible online, users will know more about your brand. As an company, we know that clients benefit more with a diversified portfolio of services. Many late adopters are just beginning to embrace social media […]

Tweet Away Google+ Invites Official Blog

Isn’t it tiring to add people on Google Plus using the invite form?  This will all come to an end because you can now invite people to the network with a single tweet. Google+ is now rolling out a new feature, allowing you to invite up to 150 people with a single post of a […]

You Be the Judge: Will Google+ Project Be Considered as Facebook’s Competitor? Official Blog

Google’s second shot at joining Facebook on the realm of social networking has finally materialized with the Google+ Project.
This top secret project by Google started over a year ago with the intention of making Google more social than being a separate social network. According to Google, the Google+ project attempts to make online sharing even […]