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Tweets Now Live on Google Desktop Search; Google Dominates US Search Market

Tweets Now Live On Google Desktop Search

After a trial period involving an exclusive group, Google has officially expanded tweets on desktop results. It was announced a few months ago that a deal was struck between the search giant and the microblogging site Twitter that would include the indexing of tweets in Google SERPs.

Back in May, Google announced that real-time indexed tweets […]

SERP Changes Warn of Impending Update

SERP Changes Warn of Impending Update

Webmasters and SEO companies are on standby as recent fluctuations in rankings are signalling the roll out of a new Google update, and it’s likely to be something the industry has not seen before.
Not Panda
Earlier in the month, Google announced that they were working on an updated version of Panda that would refresh the data […]

Search Analytics: Looking at Queries Through New Windows

Search Analytics Report

Google announced recently that they are giving webmasters a tool that can compare traffic between different platforms, countries, and even time frames. This tool is the next step in how webmasters will cope with the demands of modern search.

Search Analytics is a promise that webmasters will have a better picture of a site’s performance; so […]

This Week in Search: New Features from Facebook and Google

Facebook And Google New Features

Facebook Adds “Add a Link” Function
Facebook is planning to make link sharing on mobile a lot easier through its own in-app search engine.

The social network is said to be testing its own search engine using its index of more than one trillion posts, as reported by TechCrunch. This new feature, currently live for selected test […]

Latest Google News: Search Analytics Report, New Ad Units, and More

Search Analytics Report

Analyzing website traffic is now easier as Google finally launched their new Search Analytics report.

The new feature within Google Webmaster Tools will be replacing the old Search Queries report in the coming months. Search Analytics still performs pretty much everything Search Queries does, but with new functions, specifically with data and filtering options.

The new reporting […]

Changing Dynamics: Search Filters and Tools Now Down to Two

Google Search Filters

Google is becoming the ultimate game-changer in the digital landscape. Within just two years, the search engine giant has changed its filters and tools for better user experience. From the nine filters of 2013, we’re now down to two.
The Changes that Took Over
The search and filter tools offer a more convenient way of helping users […]

Google Switches to New GWT API


Google will be switching to the new version of the Webmaster Tools API along with the shutdown of ClientLogin. The change will take effect on April 20.

The new version of the GWT API came out last September 2014, with features that are consistent with other Google APIs. The team behind the API’s development explained that […]

Google to Roll out New Ranking Adjustment to Crack Down on Doorway Pages

Doorway Pages Update

User experience is still Google’s top priority when it comes to search, and this time, it is looking to improve the experience even further with a ranking adjustment for doorway pages.
Knocking the Doorway Pages
Doorway pages are those created to rank high for specific search queries. These are frowned upon by Google and by users because […]

Certain AdWords Data Sets to Refresh More Frequently

Adwords Data

In a post on Google+ on March 13, AdWords product manager Jon Dorio announced that more frequent updates are coming for certain AdWords data.
Fresher Data, Improved Strategies
Specifically, you will now be able to see more frequent updates to search terms, geographic performance, and automatic placement states, as these will now be updated every six hours.

Most […]

Spotting Blocked Resources Now Easier with New GWT Feature

Identifying Crawl Issues

Identifying files with crawl issues like blocked linked images, CSS, and JavaScript is made easier following a recent update on the Google Webmaster Tools.
Looking for Blocked Resources
Google announced that starting March 11, 2015, webmasters will have access to information identifying which of their website features are being blocked through the Blocked Resources Report feature.

CSS, JavaScript […]