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Google Adds Search Network with Display Select in AdWords Official Blog

Many website owners and online businesses have not been keen on Google’s campaign for advertisers to use the display network more in their PPC ad campaigns. This is because some of the websites on the display network do not convert as much as they do in the search network, and because some of the websites […]

Google Officially Announces New “Hummingbird” Algorithm Official Blog

Google recently held a press event for their 15th anniversary, where they announced their latest development (and birthday present for users): Hummingbird, a new algorithm that they say will return better results.

Google Hummingbird is a search algorithm that focuses on returning better results by looking a combination of factors. Its purpose is to analyze and […]

What Should Marketers Do with Google’s Movement towards Secure Search? Official Blog

Just three days ago, Google did what the online industry is now calling the “keyword apocalypse” – they have begun switching all searches to https and increased the appearance of the keyword (not provided) in Google Analytics. Some marketers report that it has gone up all the way to 95%, and tracking website estimates […]

Google Regains Market Share; Still the Biggest Search Engine Official Blog

Digital measurement and analytics technology provider comScore recently released the latest results of their monthly qSearch analysis. The study of July 2013 search engine activity shows that Google has successfully regained the market share it lost three months ago, and that Yahoo!’s market share continues to decline.
Google and Bing Up; Yahoo! Hits New Low
Google’s market […]

Conversational Search and the Future of Google’s Search Query Processing Official Blog

Understanding the way search engines process queries lets us know what adjustments are necessary to make websites more visible in the SERPs. The process of search engine optimization becomes more complex as the queries search engines learn to interpret become more advanced. In a recent interview, Google Research Fellow Jeff Dean gives us insight into […]

Understanding How Google Counts Local Results Official Blog

Google’s SERPs have changed their appearance since different types of search results have become prominent. When you run a search, you’ll find paid results, local listings, images, videos, and organic results mixed up in one page. Today, I want to share how you can determine your true SERPs placement more accurately in order to adjust your […]

Google Local Carousel’s Impact on Search Official Blog

Local Carousel Results is the biggest change to Google’s local search in a long while. The “carousel” listings contain the businesses’ names, ratings, pricing summary, establishment type, and images of the establishments. Right now, this new feature is only rolling out in English in the U.S., but it will be rolled out to other countries […]