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Instagram to Roll Out New Suite of Business Tools for Brands Official Blog

Instagram is one of those rare gems that quickly evolved from a trendy iOS-only app to a legitimate social network that has garnered a massive following. This image- and video-sharing platform isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and with the support and resources of Facebook behind it now, its growth will only see better […]

How We Optimize for Bing and Yahoo Official Blog

In the latest search share report released by comScore, Google maintains its powerhouse position with 67.5% of the search shares. The search engine giant uses the most intricate and volatile algorithm in the search landscape, covering over 200 algorithm factors for site rankings. This puts Google right at the core of every search marketing strategy.

There’s […]

4 Easy Ways to Boost Client-Provider Relationship and ROI Official Blog

One of the top concerns for businesses everywhere is building and maintaining a strong relationship with clients. This is particularly true for agencies in the SEO and digital marketing industry, where success or failure lies on how good a company can relate to clients and its target audience.

The start of any good client-provider relationship is […]

Is Pinterest Becoming More Like a Search Engine? Official Blog

Pinterest recently revealed that it would be rolling out an easier way for users to narrow down their search, as it launches a “Guided Search” feature on—just like what they did for its mobile app version last month. The new feature pulls up related keywords or terms at the top of the screen after […]

More Exciting Product Developments – May 1st Official Blog

We’re excited to announce that on the first of May, 2013 we are making the most comprehensive update to our products in the history of our organization’s growth. This update reflects our commitment to providing our agency partners ever improving quality of marketing services.

Month over month we’re connecting with marketing agencies worldwide and producing content […]

The Agency Guide to White Label SEO Official Blog

We’ve always been dedicated to helping you succeed as online marketers. I’ve been using this blog to share industry tips and news with all of you over the years, and I wanted to take it to the next step. I’m now very excited to announce that we’ve put together our very first educational eBook, The […]

A Look at’s Awesome Audit Reports Official Blog

One of the most important things to do before launching your client’s campaign is a comprehensive site audit. This will help put your client’s site in the best state possible and maximizes the results of our search optimization efforts. I want to walk you through our awesome site audit report and help you explain to […]

How to Build Links in 2013 Official Blog

The process of building links has changed dramatically over the years as search engines evolved. Algorithms are now more focused on the user experience and not on the mere number of links you can get for any given website. I want to share with you how to build a strong and future-proof link portfolio for […]

How to Sell Social Media Like a Rock Star

As part of our initiative to educate and help our partners, I want to share with you how you can sell social media like a rock star. Social media is quickly rising in demand, and competition is becoming stiff. With these tips, you can maximize your reach and sell to your customers more effectively.

Social Media: […]