Even on social media, the 2014 FIFA World Cup crowd makes noise.

It seems that every team supporter is hooked with the 2014 World Cup, even bringing the banners and the game into social media platforms. In fact, the opening match between Croatia and Brazil generated 12.2 million related tweets based on Twitter Data. Other matchups ignited significant conversation on Twitter:

Germany vs. Portugal: 8.9 million tweets
Netherlands vs. Spain: 8.3 million tweets
England vs. Italy: 7.2 million tweets
USA vs. Ghana: 4.9 million tweets

According to the Adobe Digital Index (ADI) report, this year’s month-long global soccer tournament is becoming the most social sporting event with 90% of the world contributing to the conversation. 2014 World Cup’s record has outpaced the social media presence of the Olympics with 84%, and the Super Bowl’s 78%.

Impacts Of 2014 World Cup Social Media Presence

An article on The Guardian reports, “Social media is set to be the advertising winner of the Brazil World Cup,” where Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook will usher in advertising revenues along with television and radio networks.

With this forecast, certain search engine optimization companies have learned to boost their social media services, leveraging the social media apex, along with search engine solutions.

According to a report, Facebook will be launching two different sections: the Trending World Cup, which will keep users updated with the latest information related to the subject made by their social friends; and the Facebook Ref, a page dedicated to opinions about the soccer games.

2014 World Cup Boosts Social Media Marketing
Facebook’s Trending World Cup section (inset) and Facebook Ref

Through these tools, social media conversations are nurtured and utilized, leading to the benefits of the social media marketing industry.

Utilizing Different Media Channels

Previously, Matt Cutts talked about utilizing various channels when engaging in marketing.

“If your ranking on Google is not as good, then you can have other channels that you can use – from print media advertising, to billboards, to Twitter, to Facebook. So you should always have a very well-rounded portfolio of ways to get leads whether from people walking through your door or Yellow Pages or whatever it is, because you can’t count on any one channel always working out perfectly.”

What This Means For You

The good news for all of our partners is that there are innovative and flexible social media marketing solutions that can be devised for your business. With the World Cup conversations working as fertile soil for digital marketing, we can help you by providing professional social media marketing solutions that can expand your clients’ businesses.

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