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The lead-finding, prequalifying, revenue-growing, marketing automation solution to your agency growth problems.

Find more leads, nurture them better, and convert them sooner.

Find more leads with the Lead Generator and manage them in your CRM

Find pre-qualified leads in your target niche and location in seconds with the Lead Generator. Use the Online Presence indicate to see which leads need your service and save them to your CRM.

Easily nurture leads with Marketing Automation & brandable Landing Pages

Start nurturing your leads with our prebuilt marketing templates designed to turn your new leads into clients. Send them to brandable Landing Pages for each service your agency offers with a customized CTA.

Become an expert-level digital marketer & salesperson with Agency MasterClass

Get tailor-made educational resources, webinars, and courses taught by experts and agency owners with the experience taking their digital marketing agencies to 7 digit-revenue powerhouses.

In just one month, our beta testers had:


Generated proposals


Leads generated


Automations running


Cold email open rate


Web audits created


Marketing materials downloaded

Find, Nurture, and Close Leads from Your CRM

Find Your Next Customers Instantly

Spend less time on lead generation and more time growing your agency by focusing on leads that actually need your services.

Our Lead Generation tool allows you to search by niche and location. The search results show the status of each lead’s digital marketing efforts.

Generate leads passively on your website with the Site Audit Widget. Your visitors get an SEO audit and you get their contact information.

Store all of your leads in an easy-to-use CRM software where you can track, manage, and communicate with your leads.

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  • Lead Tracker
  • SEO Audit Widget

Contextual Lead Nurturing Without Sweating

Get impressive, high-converting landing pages that highlight your service as the solution to their problem.

Designed for conversion, each landing page is brandable and puts your digital agency in front of your leads. No need to have a designer onboard—all you have to do is choose from the pre-built landing pages.

Build relationships and nurture your leads wherever they are in the sales funnel with our marketing automation tool that sends emails written specifically to their needs for revenue-generating conversion rates. Automate the email sequences to save you time.

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  • Premium Materials
  • Email Automation

Higher Conversion Through Better Value

Show proof that your agency can help your clients grow by delivering results that positively impact their revenue.

Provide immediate value with white label SEO audits. Or, use the Proposal Builder to easily create and send proposals in minutes. Seamlessly track whether your clients opened the emails in your CRM.

The CRM helps you to determine at a glance which leads need your attention, which leads are ready to convert and determine whether your lead generation strategy is delivering the conversion rates you need to increase your monthly recurring revenue.

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  • CRM
  • White Label SEO Audit 🠶
  • Proposal Builder

Your Leads are Looking for an Expert – Show Them You’re One

Be a master digital marketer with our expert insight

Get exclusive access to webinars and courses taught by industry leaders, sales experts, our own executive leadership and our most successful agency partners who we helped reach 7-digit revenue.

Learn proven techniques for prospecting, qualifying, nurturing, and closing leads, as well as how to use the SEOReseller platform to grow your agency.

Educate and offer better value to your future clients with premium monthly white label resources while building your digital marketing expertise

  • Case studies
  • Pitch Decks
  • Videos
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • White Paper
Learn agency growth hacks, sales tips, lessons from mistakes and more with exclusive access to Agency Advantage. 

Original: $249

Original: $2,999

An Unbeatable Value to Start Growing Your Agency

A powerful agency growth platform to build and scale your digital marketing agency – for agency owners ready to increase their revenue.

  • Unlimited Use of the Site Audit Widget & Lead Tracker
  • Access to Sales & Lead Generation Materials
  • Access to Web Design Portfolio & Mockup Creator
  • Brandable Landing Pages for Your Services
  • Learn with the MasterClass Webinar Series
  • Generate up to 1000 Leads Per Month

Access these premium features to find your leads, nurture them better, and close them faster.

“After using the Lead Generator, Marketing Automation, and Landing Pages, we’ve cut our lead generation process in half, and it became easier for us to find new leads and reach out to them. We now have 3 times more the leads.”
Prosper Taruvinga
CEO, LiveLongDigital.com.au

Get the advantage to build your agency, grow your revenue, and scale your business – under one platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. Everyone who signs up with SEOReseller gets a free account. If you want to access the different tools of the Agency Advantage program (such as Lead Generation or the Premium Marketing Materials), you must upgrade to the Premium Subscription.
Not at the moment. These are capabilities that we will eventually add over the next few months.
In the next few weeks, we’ll be announcing limitations on our more resource-intensive free solutions. Premium subscribers retain unlimited usage, but we will set limits now on our free accounts to conserve resources and allow us to focus these resources on creating more white-label materials and agency-growing features for everyone.
All Premium Resources are available through the Resource Center. Once you’re subscribed, you should be able to go to the Resource Center and download all the Premium Materials there.
Subscribers during the soft release can subscribe at a lower rate that they retain for life. The monthly and yearly subscription rates will increase after we launch in January.
Every month we’ll send Premium Subscribers an update with information about the upcoming Agency MasterClass, new lead generating materials, new marketing automation, and additional tools and resources to help grow your agency.
This is a feature we’re very keen on developing and releasing soon.