Branded Client Interface

  • Upload your brand logo, choose your theme or tell us what theme you want
  • Choose the packages and features you want on your dashboard
  • Give clients easy access to the system by creating individual accounts

SERPs Tracking

  • View your SERPs ranking progress tracked daily, weekly and monthly
  • Detailed keyword ranking summary with the option to create your own keyword groupings for easier monitoring
  • See where your traffic comes from and find new marketing opportunities

SEO Tools

  • Get FREE access to a full range of SEO tools for more targeted campaigns
  • Simple to use and easy for your clients to understand
  • Schedule and monitor your campaign tasks and reports using our interface

Real Time Live Tracking

  • The first reporting suite that offers live ranking updates
  • View your real-time rankings for your chosen keywords
  • Get weekly and monthly ranking reports

Free Proposals

  • Get branded pre-sales proposals and initial client analysis in your chosen format
  • Request comprehensive keyword research and proposals in one click
  • Download straight from the dashboard and send to your clients or have them access proposals through the dashboard - no delivery time required

Order Products

  • Clients can order products through the white label dashboard
  • No more lengthy business calls and arrangements
  • Launch their campaigns straight from the white label dashboard

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the white label dashboard?

It won't cost you a penny! Our white label dashboard is free for all partners who signed up for a free membership. You'll get our rank tracking interface and complete SEO tools at no cost. Sign up today to claim your free dashboard!

How soon can I get reports?

When you request for a proposal, you should give us 24 hours to manually research and deliver your pre-sales proposal. Your monthly reports arrive once a month on schedule. Talk to your account manager and discuss when you want to receive your monthly reports.

What happens after I get my proposal?

We are a private wholesale club and are not open to the general public. Because of this, our prices are much lower than retail SEO companies. For all companies with over 25 active campaigns, we will do a free platinum package on your website.

All Packages include these features:

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