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Executive with broad experience in building and scaling SEO back end fulfillment structures in outsourcing locations for enterprise level online business. Key member of corporate team at SEOReseller.com who create & successfully marry ROI and organic SEO methodology through workforce labor, software platforms & QA systems development.

Amazon Takes Aim at Google AdWords with New Sponsored Links

The key to delivering relevant online ads is data: target demographics, psychographics, traffic monitoring and trends, personal data, and more. Google has data about what we search for, Facebook has information on what we like and share, and YouTube has facts and figures on what we like to watch. Amazon, however, may have the […]

After Google’s HTTPS Implementation: Is it for More or for Worse?

It’s been a month since Google implemented its “HTTPS as a Ranking Signal” protocol. The explanation behind the search giant’s implementation is simple and rational: security. Within that one month period, many businesspeople online thought of upgrading their SEO to make sure they wouldn’t be left behind in the search game. Some ignored it, […]

AdWords Releases Callout Ad Extensions

Google announced the rollout of a new feature on AdWords, the callout extensions, on September 3. The search engine said that advertisers will have full access to the feature in the next few weeks. From the looks of it, callouts are likely to be an integral part of every AdWords campaign in the future.

Going […]

Instagram to Roll Out New Suite of Business Tools for Brands

Instagram is one of those rare gems that quickly evolved from a trendy iOS-only app to a legitimate social network that has garnered a massive following. This image- and video-sharing platform isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and with the support and resources of Facebook behind it now, its growth will only see […]

How We Optimize for Bing and Yahoo

In the latest search share report released by comScore, Google maintains its powerhouse position with 67.5% of the search shares. The search engine giant uses the most intricate and volatile algorithm in the search landscape, covering over 200 algorithm factors for site rankings. This puts Google right at the core of every search marketing […]

WordPress Becomes More Than a Blogging System with Version 4.0

WordPress 4.0 is coming very soon.
WordPress recently announced that the first public beta of the new version is now available. However, despite the major change in version number, the updates in the pipeline for 4.0 aren’t as major as they are elsewhere. This reflects, though, that WordPress is now becoming a platform rather than […]

4 Easy Ways to Boost Client-Provider Relationship and ROI

One of the top concerns for businesses everywhere is building and maintaining a strong relationship with clients. This is particularly true for agencies in the SEO and digital marketing industry, where success or failure lies on how good a company can relate to clients and its target audience.

The start of any good client-provider relationship […]

Google Drops Authorship Photos for CTR Paid Search Ads

As Google drops authorship photos from search results last month, many speculations emerge if the decision aims to pave the way for Click-through rate (CTR) of paid search advertisements.

Google’s John Mueller explains in a statement, “We’ve been doing lots of work to clean up the visual design of our search results, in particular creating […]

G+’s felt the Need to Subtract: Google+ Removes its Direct Connect Feature

Tech experts and online media gurus once dubbed Google+ as the “walking dead” of all social media platforms. Some fondly referred to it as an online ghost town. Admit it; sign in to your Google+ account. You have one, right? Chances are, that you barely even use it.
Google+ had the potential to become such […]

Searchmetrics Study: Video Dominates Google Universal Search by 65%

Users all over the world have been using Google to search for answers to anything; and those who have been using it since 2007 may be familiar with the Universal Search Results. To adapt to the users’ changing need for a wider multimedia support, Google returns a multitude of choices for every query—including images, […]