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Clayton is the Marketing Director of SEOReseller.com and managing partner of numerous successful online brands offering white label SEO and other online marketing services.

What Is An Ideal Bounce Rate?

One of the more interesting questions we’ve been receiving from clients throughout 2014/15 is what contributes to and what is the ideal bounce rate.

Having higher bounce rate from search referral gives Google a signal that your site might be irrelevant, has poor information, bad user experience or problems loading like slow page speed.

There’s nothing wrong […]

Get Rid of those Toxic Backlinks Today

Link building is an essential part of your strategy. You can’t afford to ignore it; otherwise, all your efforts will become futile and put your online reputation at risk.

Bad, unnatural, or toxic links are the banes of your link building strategy. These low-quality links (some of which are spammy) will earn penalties from Google. […]

The Latest Google News and Predictions to Start the Year Right

Start the year right by staying updated on the latest SEO news. Here are some important updates this past week.
Top 3 Tech Trends of 2015, As Told by Google
As everyone comes up with their predictions of what’s to come, Google released its list of the Top 3 tech trends every marketer should watch out […]

3 AdWords Features that Optimize Your Keyword Bids

Google AdWords is definitely one of the most useful tools for every SEO campaign. I’m going to talk about this tool’s advanced features that optimize your keyword bidding strategy. With proper use, you can breathe new life into campaigns that need help with pay-per-click efforts.
Auction Insights
The Auction Insights feature is the key to finding […]

Top Yahoo! searches in 2014 and What it Says About Us

We recently talked about the top searches from Google in 2014. This time around, we’re delving in a little deeper not only on Google, but also Yahoo’s top searches.

The search engines looked at trillions of searches made worldwide over the past 12 months. This includes “how to…” searches to news stories that resonated with […]

How to Over Achieve On-Page Optimization Success in 2015

Your on-page strategy is the foundation of your off-page efforts. Think of it as writing a good story. If you don’t get the basics right, your off-page strategy will fall out of line and make it difficult to get first page organic rankings.

An effective on-page strategy puts your campaign into motion and makes it […]

Ranking Factors That No Longer Matter to SEO

When you’re new to the SEO world, it’s easy to get lost and make mistake about the ranking factors that you feel are still relevant today. You’d hear most of them almost every day, but they actually no longer carry that much weight as they did years ago.

To help explain to your clients how […]

Win Clients for Your SEO Business with These Secrets

A strong client base puts your SEO business right in the center of the action. But high client retention is like the pot of gold that you’ll find at the end of the rainbow. Only a few lucky SEO agencies are able to achieve this, but we’re here to change all that. By combining […]

Here are the Top Google Searches for 2014

Google released its list of 2014’s top searches, revealing a bit of a bleak year gripped by concerns on Ebola, ISIS, and domestic issues.

The top trending searches of 2014 in the US are:

Robin Williams
World Cup
Malaysia Airlines
Flappy Bird
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Other trending lists include the Top 10 Trending People, Athletes, Consumer Electronics, Global News, Google […]

What Does Going Local Mean?

Online marketers optimize websites for different audience segments. But in an attempt to target everyone, some end up speaking to no one. If you want your target customers to find your business easily, you should embrace local SEO.

Local SEO is the perfect solution if you’re testing the waters. It increases your online presence, which […]