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Clayton is the Marketing Director of SEOReseller.com and managing partner of numerous successful online brands offering white label SEO and other online marketing services.

Win Clients for Your SEO Business with These Secrets

A strong client base puts your SEO business right in the center of the action. But high client retention is like the pot of gold that you’ll find at the end of the rainbow. Only a few lucky SEO agencies are able to achieve this, but we’re here to change all that. By combining […]

Here are the Top Google Searches for 2014

Google released its list of 2014’s top searches, revealing a bit of a bleak year gripped by concerns on Ebola, ISIS, and domestic issues.
The top trending searches of 2014 in the US are:

Robin Williams
World Cup
Malaysia Airlines
Flappy Bird
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Other trending lists include the Top 10 Trending People, Athletes, Consumer Electronics, Global News, Google […]

What Does Going Local Mean?

Online marketers optimize websites for different audience segments. But in an attempt to target everyone, some end up speaking to no one. If you want your target customers to find your business easily, you should embrace local SEO.
Local SEO is the perfect solution if you’re testing the waters. It increases your online presence, which […]

Uncover High Value Keywords With These Secrets

As online marketing shifts toward intent and interest, I always advise agency partners to leverage audience targeting and make great strides with advanced conversion modeling. This is where smart keyword selection comes in.
Keyword selection goes beyond knowing what search users usually type in queries; its true value lies in how you build the direction […]

Facebook Introduces New Tools, and other SEO News

Facebook is on a roll, introducing a number of new tools for businesspeople and marketers. The social network announced a new set of improvements and tools to insights and analytics. These will help publishers and marketers better connect with their target audience on Facebook.
Among the updates and new tools include an Interest Targeting feature, […]

The Secret to Staying on Top of the SERPs

SEO is many things, but its ever-changing nature makes life difficult for digital marketers.
Your site was ranking first before going to sleep, and the next day —boom!—you’re down to Page 5. You realize that every bit of your hard work to stay on top is gone in just a blink of an eye — […]

The True Value of Metadata in SEO

The metadata has a lot of value for SEO. It is a shortcut information about your page. And from SEOReseller.com’s experience, these short snippets of content have been useful in improving three things:

Click-Through Rates
The click-through rate (CTR) boost is the most important benefit of metadata. This has an impact on the algorithmic ranking process, […]

Google and Bing Trends on This Week’s Search News

Google and Bing are the big buzzers on this week’s top search-related news.
Google Penguin to Roll Out Indefinitely
We’ve been talking a lot about the new penguin update, and until now, there’s still something to talk about.
In what could be taken as either good news or bad news for webmasters, Google’s John Mueller confirmed Penguin […]

SEO Project Management: Dissecting The Project Manager Role

Nurturing the success of agency partners is part of our methodology, and I’m proud of our achievements in this area. We serve as an extension of your team, and give you the leverage to provide great services for the end clients. We start by assigning a dedicated project manager when launching an SEO campaign.
Your […]

Europe Breaks Up Google; Obama is King; and More on this Week’s SEO News

European Parliament Votes to Break up Google
Parliamentarians in Europe voted to break up the Internet hold of Google in the region.
The European Parliament said this comes from the “need to prevent online companies from abusing dominant positions.” To prevent such abuse, they are calling on the European Commission to “unbundle search engines from other […]